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Digitalisation is not just to improve your business, but also a necessity to survive in the modern highly competitive market.

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Logistics Management System

Utilize a comprehensive tool for logging and monitoring driver performance, tracking order statuses, managing vehicle expenses, and beyond. This system generates informative reports and provides dashboard insights for enhanced decision-making.

Suitable For:

Logistics Company Wholesale Company Raw Material Suppliers And More

Customer Order Management

Automation and digitalization in customer order management streamline operations, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency, ultimately fostering growth and customer satisfaction.

Suitable For:

Warehouses and Logistics Retail Stores Food and Beverages Enterprise And more

Project & Task Management System

A solution or platform designed to facilitate project planning, tracking, and management ensures smooth task progression and prevents the oversight of critical milestones.

Suitable For:

Real Estate Developers Contractors Software Developers And More

Van Sales Management

Automation and digitalization in van sales management streamline operations, boost efficiency, and improve customer service, ultimately driving sales growth.

Suitable For:

Whole Suppliers Food and Beverage Distributors Wholesale Distributors And More

Modification & Customisation Service

Tailor a system perfectly suited to your business needs, offering customization for our existing products and the option to develop entirely new solutions if required.

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Consult with our professional sales engineers to know more details for our products.


We will start to set up the system based on your business once you have selected products.


To ensure your employees adapt to the new system, we will provide the user manual for the product.

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Business Digitalisation, why

Keep your business to a high competence level, and improve the critical components of your business


Automating processes to save time and resources


Using technology to improve data accuracy and reduce errors

Cost Saving

Implementing digital solutions to reduce costs and increase profitability


Enhancing communication and collaboration through digital tools


Increasing productivity through streamlined processes and real-time data access

Decision Making

Empowering data-driven decision making through the use of analytical tools

Our Strength

Why Choose Us?

All-in-One Platform

Our software is integrated and linked with each other, forming an All-in-One platform.

System Transition

With the initial setup process, the previous data from other softwares can be imported into the system.

Service & Maintenance

From consultation, proposal, implementation to after sales service and maintenance.

Service, Maintenance & Training

Promised Quality Service

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service, maintenance, and training program to ensure that our software is running at its best and continue to meet your needs.

Customer Service

Our team of customer service representatives is trained to handle a wide range of inquiries and issues, and is available to assist you via phone, email, or online chat. Whether you have a question about one of our products, need help placing an order, or have an issue that needs to be addressed, we are here to help.


Our software maintenance process includes regular bug fixes, new feature releases, and performance improvements to ensure that our software is always running at its best. We also take steps to ensure that our software is compatible with the latest hardware and operating systems.


We understand that learning how to properly use and maintain our products is key to ensuring that they perform at their best and deliver the results you expect. Hence, we offer a comprehensive product training program designed to help you become proficient in using and maintaining the system. Our product training program is either online or on-site, led by a team of experienced product trainers.

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Our team has successfully delivered over 50 software solutions to clients in a variety of industries, including logistics, healthcare, and retail





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